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At Westway Promotionsour employees love us almost as much as we love them! Here are a few nice things our employees have said about us recently:

BEFORE WORKING HERE: Y’all, I don’t even work here anymore, so understand this is straight honesty. Give this job ninety days, and I promise you’ll never leave. I only left because it was so damn far, and I had to relocate, but I watched newbies who never had any experience and myself make a grand or two PER WEEK!! After learning how it’s done, yes, the numbers they talk about in orientation are very real. Mike is a boss and friend that will grow you. So if you wanna make some serious money but at the same time be around people who are going far in life, stick it out till you learn how it’s done because you won’t find a nine to five that will pay you like this! (From Ex-Employee)

- Gradivi Tshitoko

Some of the most dedicated leadership and training that I have seen. The senior leadership has a commitment to keeping a positive and highly productive environment for like-minded people. There are a lot of sales jobs that claim to have award-winning programs, but this one actually deserves to be recognized for how it can give all the tools to succeed!

- Adam Siler

Westway Promotions is a company that literally trains you to become a manager in less than a year. Now I know what you think when you read this; it’s not a pyramid scheme, trust me. This company develops you in three areas: Sales which is basically what it means, but it’s a little more than that, how to approach a customer, how to be confident when talking to them, what to say to them, etc. The next one is being a leader of a small team, teaching them everything you learned back to them, so they can develop and lead a team as well. Lastly, you are now learning management and HR and how to keep your business afloat. The best part is that you get to learn life skills that seriously develop you as a person. During my time there, I have learned a lot and grown as a person. This company is the best company to work for, and I guarantee if you put in the time and effort, then it will reward you right back.

- Adrian Bell

For someone who didn’t know what career path she was interested in or how to even get started, I couldn’t have found Westway Promotions at a better time! Mike is one of the most caring, compassionate, “involved” CEOs/“Bosses” I have ever met. He, as well as the senior leaders at Westway Promotions, want nothing but the best for their employees. With the hands-on straightforward training program, your personal and professional goals are actually achievable, and you have all the support and leadership you need right in the office! I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity!

- Noreen Sommesi

I’ve been working for the company for a few months, and the opportunity offered is unbelievable, as well as attainable. I can’t wait until I get to the end of the program and can run a successful office of my own.

- KoCoa Shamelle

If you’re looking for a direct sales firm in Texas, reach out to us at Westway Promotions. We’re proud of our positive work environment and our desire to help our employees. As leaders, it’s our job to provide the hands-on training needed to sharpen their professional skills so they can become business owners someday. We’re committed to providing opportunities that help our employees achieve their goals and to lifting up and encouraging others to succeed.

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