How Desiree Richardson Revolutionized Our Business

Author: Cam B | | Categories: Direct Sales , Direct Sales Firm , Management Training

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As experts in direct marketing in Texas, we at Westway Promotion derive immense pride from the work we do to build businesses. Much of what we do revolves around pushing our boundaries to ensure that our clients are given cutting-edge strategies and results that go beyond their expectations. 

While marketing is our passion, we believe that our lives would be dull without the impact that our team has on our business and the direct marketing industry. One of the people in our team who’s truly proven to be an asset and inspiration to us is Desiree Richardson.

Desiree is a well-respected leader at Westway Promotion and a force to reckon with. She broke our promotion record by advancing into a leadership role in just nine days. Her achievements in a very short time turned a lot of heads right away and motivated them to work just as hard.

When we first met Desiree, she recently moved from Detroit, Michigan, to Dallas to get started in our business. She had no friends or family in the area, but that didn’t stop her from giving work her best. She wanted an opportunity to grow her career as a marketer and seized it the moment she started at Westway Promotion.

As she progressed at work, her energy and the relationships she built with our people grew as well. In a little over a week, she managed to grab everyone’s attention. Since then, we’ve all become eager to learn from her and get to know her as a professional and friend. She is a great mentor and makes the office a better, more exciting place to work.

Desiree has been a great addition to our team, and her work’s been nothing short of amazing. We look forward to seeing her grow more with us. With her help, we hope to train more eager marketers to reach new heights.

If you’re interested in progressing in the marketing business, reach out to Westway Promotion. Our team works as a family, and it is this bond of trust, interdependence, and responsibility that enhances our ability to achieve recurring success. The way we work together also ensures that we offer our associates and our clients’ unlimited growth and business development.

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